Do more of what brings you happiness.

Life can get so convoluted and misdirected. So easily! Without you’re realising it.

I strongly believe in having a focus on what makes the world a better place and what makes each individual feel complete, happy, and purposeful. This website is my own personal aid to help me achieve this goal of my own, and maybe one day assist others in achieving the same thing.

In a new years resolution of sorts I will endeavour to focus on one new habit each month. Things I have been meaning to put more time and effort into for YEARS and, somehow, life has always gotten in the way. These are the things that I personally feel are the most important for my own values but the beauty of this experiment is that anyone can customise it to suit their own needs. The choices I have made, however, are not just whimsical. I have been focused on self-help and inner contentment for a long time now. These choices come from years of self-reflection, research, self-help guides, psychologist and medical tips and tricks, and beyond. I’ve never properly put them to the test though, this is my attempt! And each day? Check YOself! Document, reflect and evaluate.

I will log an entry every day tracking how I felt that day, how I went about achieving my monthly habit, problems I had, possible solutions, and more.

I will write, video, draw and possibly more in my attempt at documenting my journey.

This year I will focus on, in an undecided as of yet order, the following:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga, flexibility, control and being centred
  • Intense exercise, pumping that heart, and feeling STRONG. Unbreakable.
  • Healthy diet. Less sugar, less fat, more veg and fruit and versatility.
  • Mindfulness (mindful writing, daily living, meditating on something to be mindful of, etc)
  • Gratitude (365 grateful styles)
  • Nature
  • Reading (fiction and non)
  • Spirituality (Buddhism?)
  • Art, creativity, and personal expression (painting, music, decor in house especially minimalising and reorganising, clothing, physical appearance including hair colours, etc)
  • Social interaction (new people, new activities, try something new, get out of your comfort zone, connect with people!)
  • Kindness to others (showing appreciation for those already in my life, compassion for those not in my life through volunteering and such)

Here we go 🙂