Day seventeen of nature

I’ve been busy! Yesterday I had lunch in a park instead of heading home, I did a Google search, and I made a list as a result! Here’s what I summarised the list down to so I can have a clearer focus for the rest of the month:

  • Make a commitment to nature  (check! ✔️ )
  • Stargaze
  • See a sunrise
  • See a sunset – somewhere beautiful
  • Go somewhere new (check! ✔️)
  • Go on a ‘day walk’ (aka a mindful nature walk)
  • Hit the park weekly – take shoes off!
  • Figure 8 pools at royal national park
  • A scenic motorbike ride
  • Beach it up – shoes off and even swim if can brave it!
  • Lake or river – swim?! 
  • Take 3 close up pics of nature and post about the experience
  • Spend 2 mins with nature first thing in the morning – noticing, appreciating, drinking it in
  • Sketch something in nature
  • Do 3 or more of above ALONE

So that’s my list of things to achieve by the end of the month. May not get through all of them but it’ll certainly help when I’m wondering how I can incorporate it into my day 🙂

I found the below lists helpful, and while you’re reading those, I’m off to do – in nature!


Day sixteen of nature

As I’m finding happening more and more towards the end of the year, I haven’t posted in a week! And it has reflected in my outcomes towards this goal. Monday-Friday I didn’t really do much about my goal except for occasionally noticing it around me and being grateful for having it at my finger tips. As far as immersing myself I. It for all its  wonderful restorative, grounding and uplifting power, I didn’t cease that opportunity really. Over the weekend I participated in a tree tops adventure experience, and though it was in a beautiful setting I honestly spent most of my time completing the challenges and high ropes tasks.

I still have two weeks left. My main challenge will be my insanely busy schedule. I have a lot of responsibilities and deadlines over the next fortnight, so prioritising and carving out time for nature will be difficult. I still hope I can spend my Sundays in nature though. If I work hard on my assignments during the week this is actually feesible, I think.

I’d like to go for a bush walk and see the figure right pools in royal national park, I’d like to go to sculpture by the sea, and there is also an outdoor art exhibition on Sydney observatory hill that I’d like to go to. All free too!

That’s what I’m discovering about this months goal, for all its rewards, nature is often a free activity/outing!  Which is great considering I’m trying to save for an overseas trip in Decemeber.

Anyway. I’m in a pretty good place the past week, and al feeling good, so I want to try and keep the ball rolling. I’m also trying to think of a way I can incorporate more nature into my day-to-day life… and it’s hard! The local park is nice but it’s not the immersion I’d like. Still, it’s better than nothing. I don’t have a national park unless I’m willing to drive for half an hour, and during the week that’s just not realistically possible. On my days off I could definitely have my lunch outside… that’s doable. I also read about a course that teaches the meditative potential of drawing nature, whilst it was booked out it’s certainly something I could look into. I’ve always loved the idea of sketching, I just always give up because I feel like I suck at it… which really isn’t the point but it’s hard for me to enjoy something I believe I suck at.

What else could be a good way to explore nature in day-to-day life?… I’ve been walking more! Less travel and transport, so that’s been nice. I might do a quick google search then post my results tomorrow.. 
Yep! Off I go to do!

Day seven and eight of nature

The past two days I’ve had a few options of being in nature but what I noticed were the things that actually got in the way of me being able to appreciate it. Yesterday I was babysitting and I found that all my focus was on worrying about her care (obviously) and thus I didn’t really take any of it in. We went to a wharf and for a walk along the waters edge and I didn’t really take in my surroundings once.

Today I did a tandem bike tour of a local beach destination and found that I was a bit consumed by angry feelings I was having towards my partner. I also found that I was more focused on socialising and chatting that on nature, which also prevented that fully immersive and almost ephemeral type of experience you have with nature. I think it’s nice to share these experiences with others, but I also noticed today that it can sometimes prevent them from happening at all.

I’m happy I still spent some time in the great outdoors this weekend, but I’d like to up my game next weekend. I have Sunday to do something special, so I think either alone or with my partner I go somewhere I can really get lost in.

Day six of nature

I’ve had a bit of a revelation. I realised that a lot of the time for these challenges, though I’m doing very little differently, just by having a focus I’m actually much more aware of what I already have. For example, so far it’d easy to say I haven’t gone out of my way at all to be closer with nature, and yet I feel like I’m noticing things all over the place. The feel of a soft breeze, the warmth of the sun, the colour of a flower, all these things are speaking to me in such a meaningful way, like they are suddenly not just been subconsciously noticed but in consciously noticing them they are reaching my soul.

Today I have a bit of a busy schedule so I won’t be able to, yet again, go out of my way for Nature, but with these things in mind I’m actually pretty ok with that as I know I’ll simply be appreciating what I already have that little bit more.

Day five of nature

Well I wasted an opportunity to go to the park this morning because I was hungover. Yet again, a mid week binge.

So I’ve decided two things, no more midweek alcohol, and I’m going to appreciate my interactions with nature for the rest of the day. I have a walk coming up around the city which can be nice or annoying depending on how you look at it.

I’m also going to meditate. I find that it helps remind me of what is important in life and will likely better help me appreciate Mother Nature today. Especially considering I’m not feeling very well.

Plus, I wore my spring skirt. That might seem silly, but it helps me feel light and breezy, just like spring. Somehow I feel more connected to Mother Nature when I wear it. It’s completely strange and I’m even the first to admit it sounds a little hippity dippity, but for me it’s true 🙂

So in my favourite skirt, off I go to do.

Day one, two and theee of nature 

My first few days I’ve had a few opportunities to appreciate nature. On the first I went to a park for a birthday party, at which I simply took some time to lay in the sun alone and just embraced its effect on me- pure contentment. On the second day, though I reeeeeally didn’t feel like embracing the beautiful day we were having (for some reason I just wanted to curl up on the couch despite the perfect blue skies), I let my boyfriend drag me to the local park where we through the frisbee, and I did a bit of exercise and meditation. It turned out to be really nice actually, and I’m glad for the effect it had on me. Made me realise how much more I need to do that.

Third is today. Today I won’t get to go to the park for my exercise this morning, but maybe I can do a bit of research on what new places I can explore this week. I can also look at opportunities to get organised for my regular life so that when I get chances to appreciate nature I can ACTUALLY lose myself in them rather than worrying about “other things I should be doing!

Off I go, what to do? Not quite sure exactly, but I’ll be doing something that brings me closer in line with the person I truly am, that’s for sure 🙂

October: nature


A perfect way to follow on from a month of physical health. I’d like to use Spring for all it’s glorious natural beauty and immerse myself in as much nature as I can. I’d like to

  • have phone free or even device and screen free days
  • explore somewhere new in nature weekly
  • appreciate nature daily, being mindful of what i’m experiencing
  • add to the below list of ways to achieve getting in touch with nature throughout the month (i’m not expecting to tick all of these off my list, but it’s nice to have suggestions and things to come back to in the future).


Ways of achieving this could be to do certain types of activities:

  • bushwalks
  • visit national parks
  • anything with water (hard to use a device in the water!) (paddleboarding, kayaking, etc)
  • take my social groups outside too!
  • join a meetup group that goes for walks or something similar
  • look up bike paths, go for bike rides
  • start my day with a morning walk to the park
  • walks on the beach and around rockpools
  • royal national park figure 8 pools
  • rebook my treetops adventure climbing activity
  • commit to my tandem bike tour with my social group
  • go for motorbike rides to locations a little further away but still getting in touch with nature on the way
  • pot some more plants inc herb garden
  • look into composting?
  • try out rockclimbing through a facebook group that does it for real outside


October and Novemeber are going to be really busy months for me, but I’ve been going pretty well with this challenge this year so far, so hopefully it’ll continue through.

Off I go to do!

Physical health wrap up

My physical health month is coming to a wrap, and though it wasn’t “amazing” it was still an educational and productive month. I’ve renewed my interest in health and fitness, that’s for sure. I’ve started a new meal planning system that I can afford, I’ve begun trialling different fitness programs and centres, and I’ve returned to a much healthier sleeping plan.

I don’t have a lot to write in my summary of the month other than to say I’ve recognised that “physical health” challenges aren’t something you can do for a month and see huge results (despite what fitness freaks and advertisements may have us believe). For those of us who have other goals in life too, it’s not realistic to expect to see huge results in such a short amount of time. It’s a lifestyle change, and it’s something that needs regular maintenance. It is good to do months like this though to revamp your efforts, which this month has certainly been for me, so that’s good.

All in all, I’m happy with my progress this month.

Day twenty three of physical health

Well, it’s been 5 days of wheat free dieting, and it’s going well I’d say. I managed to stick to it when I was out to lunch at a restaurant today, which was great! I haven’t returned to yoga in a couple days but I intend on that tomorrow. My new “hello fresh” meal order is arriving in the morning for a week of delicious healthy meals. I’ve been sleeping more regular hours, drinking less, and taking my pro-biotics regularly. Today I even went to a health food store to get a few things I’d read about that may help me take care of my gut and liver. Oh! And yesterday I bought a $30 pass for 10 yoga classes at a centre I’m very much looking forward to. So lots of progress this month!

Tomorrow, I’ll go do yoga.

Next week, I’ll go do a new meal plan system.

Off to do!

Day twenty one of physical health

Well, day twenty one and I’ve not had the best couple of days for physical health, sadly! I’ve developed an ear infection, couldn’t find anything healthy to eat when I ate out with some friends during the week, and I’ve only practiced yoga once with no additional intense fitness training with no excuse other than my ear infection made me feel a little loopy.

However, I’ve been getting out of bed in the morning, having breakfast, and making an effort to cook healthy meals when at home, so it’s not all bad! Plus, considering those were my two sub-goals for the week, I’m actually pretty pleased. If I can keep those up, plus the no wheat thing, it’ll be an alright week. Essentially, what I’ve discovered this week is that being physically healthy has nothing to do with making the right choices, but more to do with committing to a journey. Booking doctor appointments takes time, specialists, sporting seasons aren’t always in line with your monthly targets, weight loss programs and special diets aren’t always at your finger tips; it all takes time. So whilst, yes, the daily “healthy” decisions are important, it’s also been important for me to realise the reality of the lifestyle change, the long term committment to better health. Letting go of the past when I once was healthy and judging myself for not being that person any more is important, looking to the future of my NEW perception of health is the goal. I can’t keep comparing myself to old “healthy” me, I have to envision a new version that is in line with my NEW realities and goals.

In considering that, maybe I won’t give up so easily! I’ve joined up to a new ‘hello fresh’, which should help expose me to some healthy eating options, I’ve consulted numerous health practitioners even some regarding sleep issues I’ve had, and I’ve investigated exercise options. I just need to continue down the road, and stop seeing this road as “insufficient” – causing me to take numerous breaks. I AM feeling better and healthier (though hungrier at times) and though I’ve been in some pain with injury flare ups after my return to exercise, I believe I’m finally making some progress in that department as well.

When I move homes in a couple of months, I can’t let it derail me again. I have to remember that I want to be healthy – drink less, eat clean, and get some daily low intensity exercise and as much intense exercise per week as possible. I can’t wait months and years to find the new sporting associations, or hunt down new health care practitioners, I need to prioritise those things when I move so that I can get established as soon as possible and in the meantime, continue thinking every day “what healthy choices can I make today and what plans can I chip away at to prepare for a healthy future”.

For now? More doing.