Day twenty of gratitude

With exams and a whirlwind of responsibilities my mind has been a blur lately, but I still think it’s important to take the time to remind myself to be grateful in times like this, so here goes:

Thing I’m grateful for today: was grateful to finish my exam early and have time to have a chat w a few different ppl, and take of my responsibilities quickly, leaving me with time to relax before work. I was also grateful it didn’t rain today, as getting to uni and studying on the way in the rain would be very difficult!

Grateful twist on a negative: having exams is never fun, sure, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to consolidate my understanding of things and an opportunity to make myself the best I can be. For that, I’m grateful for exams in my life. They make me work hard.

Person I’m grateful for: the vet! A free service at my local pet shop, saving me quite a bit of money. I’m also grateful for my employers being so understanding about my exams and other responsibilities- very kind of them.

Day eighteen of gratitude

I had this realisation today that when I began this month I had to go out of my way to be grateful but now, I just AM being more grateful. Naturally. So that’s pretty wonderful. Anyway, on with it!

Thing to be grateful for: this renewed love I have for my boyfriend. It’s like I only just now fell in love with him and I’m experiencing all those happy, safe, comfortable, loving feelings for him for the first time.

Negative thing to be grateful for: my partner going away for a few days really sucks, but it’s kinda nice to miss him. Reminds me of the above, brought me to that, which is just wonderful. Other negative is the washing machine seems to be broken, and while that really sucks I was so grateful that what got stuck in the machine isn’t anything important at all, such a relief!

Person to be grateful for: free delivery dude. Local Thai place delivers for free and that’s so awesome. But that seems a little bit of a stretch to say it’s a specific person so I’ll also say I’m grateful for…. Gah can I say my boyfriend again?! He got me home safe and sound last night and waking up this morning in my own bed was just the best ever and I was so so grateful he forced me to go home from the party.

That’ll do me for now!

Day fourteen of gratitude

Big day… Trying to be motivated all day. Today was a challenge for being grateful, I was stuck in a negative headspace.

Thing to be grateful for: having a peaceful home. Kickin back on the couch is quite nice.

Negative to find gratefulness in: a bunch of hassle with a renting situation means I get some money back.

Person I’m grateful for: my employers. I have a great job, I’m paid so well, they are lovely people. It’s wonderful.

Day thirteen of gratitude

I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t done my gratitude blog for the past few days, but I take solace in the fact that I’ve thought about it every day. It’s been a busy time, with changes to my regular routine, but it’s been rewarding.

Thing to be grateful for: my health. It sounds awful, but every time I visit my father in hospital I’m so grateful that I can walk, talk, express my needs/wants/thoughts, that I can use a bathroom normally, that I can eat my food without difficulties, and so so much more. Being in a hospital in general makes me grateful for my comfortable and lovely home, and how lucky I am to have it.

Negative through a grateful lense: while certain things about coming home were bad, I realised how glad I was to be home regardless.

Person grateful for: my mum. She’s just wonderful. Such a great mum, I’m so lucky to have her.

Day ten of gratitude

What an interesting day! Full of highs and lows

Thing to be grateful for: wonderful friends. I had such a nice night out with some of my absolute best people.

Negative to a positive: having mutual issues with others has actually brought my partner and I so much closer together. It’s been a crappy experience for us both, but it’s been pretty strengthening for our relationship.

Person to be grateful for: I think I’d say…. A friend of mine lachlan. It seems shallow, but he gave me a very genuine compliment tonight and it really meant a lot 🙂 grateful to have friends like him and the whole group that was there 🙂

Day nine of gratitude 

What a day.

Last day of classes for the semester, a big afternoon at work, and meeting new people.

Thing to be grateful for: there was a moment today where I was like “what a great day”. Though rain was predicted it had managed to hold off at that point, I’d finished my last class of the semester, I was eating lunch and watching a Tv show, it was really nice. I’m grateful for that moment 🙂 it was lovely.

Negative into a positive: I was finding my classes sooooo boring today, but the positive came to me when I saw how I spoke about it to my boyfriend, “it is, however, so nice knowing I don’t have to go home and have stuff to catch up on. This attitude has been so helpful all semester.” So that’s definitely a positive from a negative.

Person to be grateful for: two friends of my boyfriend, a couple. They really made me feel welcome at this work function of his tonight 🙂

Day eight of gratitude

So it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster day! So today will be interesting.

Thing I’m grateful for: happy suprises! I’ve had a lot of difficulty making a professional decision lately, but biting the bullet I made a tough decision and put in an application. Low and behold, making that tough decision paid off, I got the position and I discovered I was thrilled about it! All that apprehension disappeared into relief and joy! I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity 🙂

Negative to find something to be grateful for: it’s strange… I had a busy afternoon which actually made me kind of annoyed and on edge. All the business, and crowds, and traffic, and rushing…. But, when I think about it, I realise I’m grateful for having had that time completely to myself, with no one telling me what to do or how to do it, taking things at my own pace, going to the stores I wanted, deliberating on which products I needed… It’s a small thing, but I really value that sort of thing when i think about it. So I’m grateful for that.

Person I’m grateful for: a supervisor I’ve just been notified that I’ll be working with. She hasn’t done anything yet but I’ve had such good experiences w her and I’m so grateful to have her as a supervisor again.

Planning healthy eating

I’ve already basically decided what my focus for next month will be – healthy eating.

Which means ASAP I need to see either a naturopath or nutritionist, and I need work out some sort of meal plan for a month, to make certain I have the best chance to succeed.

I want to make sure I include:

  • one vegetarian day a week.
  •  new meals as well as old
  • creation of either new recipes or at best a new recipe book for healthy eating
  • paying attention to my mood to guide me what to eat (sister in law bought me a book, would love to use it!)
  • reading that book cover to cover
  • recipes off my own sister who has been doing Michelle bridges meal planning program thing
  • losing weight
  • three meals a day plus HEALTHY snacks
  • To remove junk food ATLEAST 4 days a week (goal would be to basically have next to none)
  • Read up about going “sugar free” – maybe should reconnect with a friend of mine that knows a lot about this. I’ve been putting off seeing her too much anyway, this is a perfect excuse, and gives us something to talk about.
  • Do some sort of elimination diet to ascertain if I have any intolerances (eg dr recommended me to drink a litre of milk due to dairy it tolerance assumptions). But in general get to bottom of my reflux, gut problems, and diahorrea
  • Mindful eating

There is surely more, but basically, the focus of this month is simply just to be healthy. Be conscious of what I’m putting into my body. Treat my body like a temple, and all that.

I wanted to get this down while I thought of it. Will come back and continue editing up until this month begins.

Day seven of gratitude

Today was an interesting day of thinking of gratefulness.

Thing to be grateful for: absolutely stellar dinner and dessert, and I reclaimed some more of my self-esteem in my job. Which was great.

Negative turned positive: today it was rainy miserable weather, but in chatting with my partner I realised things I like about the rain. I love falling asleep to it. I love that I live in a country that has so much beautiful flora. I love I live in a country where we have enough to eat. I love how much life the rain brings. I liked having an excuse to wear my trackies to class. The rain? Not all bad. A lot to be grateful for.

Person I’m grateful for: today, I suppose it would be my tutors. I’m truly grateful that I had so many good teachers this semester, and I let all of them know by giving a heartfelt thankyou at the end of the last class for semester.

And that was my day. For my crappy mood at times, it certainly wasn’t all bad- lots to be grateful for.

Day six of gratitude

So. Today was one of those days that searching for things to be grateful for was helpful.

Thing I was grateful for: suuuuch a beautiful day today. Even in the morning, when I was still feeling very flat, I looked up and I thought, “wow, if nothing else, today sure is gorgeous.”

Finding the positives: I desperately didn’t feel like going to work today. I was in such a bad mood about it. But as it turns out, it was completely for the best, getting back on the horse. It was a good session and it renewed atleast a little of my confidence that I will be ok at my job.

Person I’m grateful for: my lecturer. He’s really made going to a 9am class something to look forward to. I sent an email to express my gratitude too, as I’ve had so few good teachers and it seemed like something I shouldn’t keep to myself.